• Cristina Elena Stancu, the designer and creator behind the brand Print N Stuff Turku, Finland wearing a long sleeve dress with the Pikku Joulu pattern from the Winter-Christmas collection 2022

    Pikkujoulu (Christmas Party) - Long sleeve midi dress

    It's time to party! Here in Finland, Pikkujoulu is a big thing and everyone is so eager to have a good time and show off their most creative, Xmas inspired outfits. If you are an animal lover and also love crazy Xmasprints , then you should deffenetly consider one of my items customized with the 'Pikkujoulu' textilepattern

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  • Pakkas Aamut (Frosted Mornings) - Long sleeve midi dress

    The new pattern Pakkas Aamut is becoming my favorite pattern from the new Winter-Christmas collection. This lovely long sleeve dress is super comfortable and warm, and has a really flattering cut. The fitted waist and flared bottom part of the dress will accentuate the wearer’s naturally beautiful silhouette. The best part about the dress? I T   H A S   P O C K E T S! 😍 Who doesn't love a dress with pockets? they are big enough to fit your phone or wallet, or just to keep your hands warm. I am wearing size S for a more fitted look. It had room to fit a bodysuit underneath. The fabric is printed all over with the best technique, the ink is in the material fiber, so it will not loose it's intensity when washed. The pattern is original, unique and hand-drawn by Cristina Stancu. Check the sizes available and the material information on the products page.

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  • Oh my geese - Skater Dress

    One of the most iconic birds in the northern countries must be the barnacle goose! These birds are the main inspiration for “Oh my geese pattern" found in our shop. Available in a navy blue color, combined with pure white, this illustration is perfect to set you into a sailing / summer by the sea mood. Discover all our clothes and accessories available and order your favorite ones! Dress to impress with this sleeveless skater dress! The soft fabric and flared skirt give it an elegant twist that brings out the intricate design with a beautiful vibrancy.

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  • Folk Birds 1.3 - Women’s basic organic t-shirt

    Comfortable, casual, and so soft—this women’s basic organic t-shirt will quickly become your go-to tee.
    Order your next eco-friendlyessential and enjoy feeling cozy all day long.Custom printed with my own illustration, designed in Finland and made on demand. Ready to be delivered in Europe.

    -> wearing size M

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  • Summer Flowers - T-shirt dress

    Bright pastel colors, graphic flowers, interesting shapes and details are the perfect ingredients for our “Summer flowers" pattern. Designed thinking about summer time, created with care and attention to detail. This pattern can be worn either in spring or summer time, but it fits very well also in the winter atmosphere. Discover all the items customized with this pattern and wear your favorite one!

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  • Watermelon sugar - Summer Dress

    This is the perfect dress for this Summer! Fun, fresh, juicy watermelons are here to brighten your mood and create the perfect summer look for you. The soft fabric and flared skirt give it an elegant twist that brings out the intricate design with a beautiful vibrancy.
    So are you ready for #watermelonsugarhigh?

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  • Folklore 2.0 - Women’s fitted V-neck t-shirt

    This women’s fitted v-neck t-shirt feels snug, but not too tight—ideal to wear by itself or as part of a layered look. It’s made of soft, premium quality organic cotton. Don’t spend all day picking out clothes—go with the quintessential basics!

    -> wearing size L for a loose comfy fit.

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  • Summer Flowers - Skater Dress

    The perfect dress for a day out with friends! The soft fabric and flared skirt give it an elegant twist that brings out the intricate design with a beautiful vibrancy. Custom made only when you order. Original hand drawn pattern, designed in Finland. Intense colors that don't fade when washed. Soft stretchy fabric for a plus of comfort.

    Wear it with a denim jacket for a fresh modern look.

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  • Watermelon sugar - One-Piece Swimsuit

    The weather is just perfect for a swim! head out to beach or pool in my super fun one piece swimsuit printed all over with the one and only hand-drawn pattern of juicy watermelons!.
    - ecofriendly, made when ordered

    - vivid, vibrant colors that don´t fade

    - chlorine resistant fabric, perfect for pool also

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  • Midnight Storks - Unisex Bomber Jacket

    The best feeling in the world that you can have as an start-up entrepreneur is to see your creations worn by the people you care about I felt extremely happy when Luciana, ordered from my shop this awesome Bomber Jacket, custom printed with my most loved pattern "#MidnightStorks". The jacket looks just perfect and it fits very well with her style. . The order reached her in Romania in about 10 days, no delays, and as I herd from her, the colors and quality of this jacket were above her expectations. One very happy client I would say, and this is what matters the most for me.
    Thank you for your surprise, and for supporting my small business!

    -> wearing size M

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  • Fun Shapes - Weekend outfit

    Weekend is finally here! take a moment to relax, go for a walk, enjoy the sunny days and fresh air. Feel comfortable in your skin and clothes.
    My model is wearing: Fun Shapes unisex hoodie size L, Fun shapes Biker shorts size M. Different colors are available for the hoodie, so make sure to check them all out and find your favorite one.

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  • Black Cherries - Flowy Summer Dress

    Dress to impress with this sleeveless dress! The soft fabric and flared skirt give it an elegant twist that brings out the intricate design with a beautiful vibrancy. Custom made just for you when you order. Printed with my unique, hand-drawn #blackcherries pattern.

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  • Summer Poppies - Women’s organic t-shirt

    Comfortable, casual, and so soft—this women’s basic organic t-shirt will quickly become your go-to tee. Order your next eco-friendly essential and enjoy feeling cozy all day long. Custom printed with my unique artwork of red poppies, this tee will give your outfit a plus of style. Different colors are available, so make sure to check them all out.

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  • girl meditating in indoor suspended hammock wearing a neutral colored t-shirt printed with an unique rabbit illustration designed in Finland and inspired by Scandinavian folklore

    Forest Fairytales - The Bunny Tshirt

    This t-shirt is everything you've dreamed of and more. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for all. Custom printed with our unique "The Bunny illustration".

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  • girl stretching and doing yoga in the morning inside a Scandinavian apartment. She is sitting on the floor, doing yoga on a black and white carpet in front of a blue pastel couch. The woman is wearing a sublimated printed t-shirt with all over pattern.

    Summer Flowers - Women's T-shirt

    Get to know your new favorite tee—it's super smooth, super comfortable, and made from a cotton touch polyester jersey that won't fade after washing.

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  • mother and daughter enjoying a forest walk on a summer day. They are both wearing pastel colored hoodies printed with a bunny and squirrel Scandinavian illustrations

    Forest Fairytales - "The Squirrel" and "The bunny" pastel hoodies

    Everyone needs a cozy go-to hoodie to curl up in, so go for one that's soft, smooth, and stylish. It's the perfect choice for cooler evenings!

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  • girl sitting in lotus position on top of a cliff in Finnish archipelago wearing an ecofriendly light pink t-shirt printed with an ihand drawn illustration of an azure tit valkopaatiainen.

    Azure Tit - Women’s organic t-shirt

    Drawn in a folklore Finnish style, this illustration features one of my favorite birds, the Azure tit, making it perfect for your new favorite t-shirt. The products featured in this collection are made out of eco-fiendly materials, in regards to keeping a safer, cleaner environment.

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  • Young woman wearing a dark green oversized hoodie in a coffee shop. Curly hair looking down with style. The hoodie is printed with the hand drawn unique digital illustration names Enchanted beetle, inspired by Finnish forests.

    Enchanted Beetle - Unisex oversized eco hoodie

    Elevate your casual style with this super-soft unisex eco raglan hoodie with joggers for a relaxed look, or elevate the outfit with a skirt, oversized blazer, or classic trousers. The hoodie’s brushed inside ensures a comfy and snug feel, and will keep you warm during the colder days. If there’s one fashion rule to live by, let it be that comfort doesn’t have to be compromised for the sake of style.

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  • young woman with edgy haircut wearing a mint colored tshirt printed in front with an unique digitally hand drawn illustration of a beetle surrounded by folk botanic elements. The girl has orange hair with bangs and a edgy attitude.

    Enchanted Beetle - Unisex T-shirt

    Long walks in the forest have become a mandatory thing every week in the spring time. The magic feeling that surrounds you when you are in the middle of the nature, makes you feel awake and more attentive to all the small details. Inspiration for this print came one day, when in the vast area of the Finnish Forest, I saw a small, black, iridescent beetle.

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