Collection: Petal Dance

Step into the floral wonderland with our "Petal Dance" collection, a tribute to the lively charm of Finnish spring and summer. This exquisite pattern features graceful white flowers dancing on a canvas adorned with refreshing pink and green tones. Designed in Turku, Finland, each item in this collection encapsulates the allure of blossoming fields, bringing nature's elegance to your wardrobe.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Finnish flora, with dresses, tops, and accessories that echo the vibrancy of the landscape. 

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    Please make sure that you check carefully your measurements and the sizes of the products you want to order. We are making each product individually just for you, when you order, in order to reduce textile waste and unnecessary returns.

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    Because we do not keep a stock of our products and because we make them only when there is demand, it takes a little longer for our products to reach you, so please bear with us, because it is worth waiting every second. Usually the products reach you in under 10 days.

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    Our purpose is to offer you unique items, something that you would not usually find in a store, and at the same time to reduce the negative effects of fast fashion. Therefore, the return policy is quite important to us, so please check carefully when you are entitled to receive a refund.

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