Interview with Turku Seutusanomat - Design is a global language!

Interview with Turku Seutusanomat - Design is a global language!

I still remember the thrill I felt a few months ago when I opened my email. What seamed like a normal day, turned very quickly into an unexpected situation. There it was, an interview request from Katariina Mäkinen-Önsoy for Turun Seutusanomat. I accepted immediately, very happy that I have the chance to tell my story and make Print N Stuff known to new people locally. Below you can enjoy reading the interview I gave at that time:

"Seutusanoma asks what entrepreneurs who started during the corona era have to say: The unique collections of Print N Stuff, founded by Cristina Stancu from Turku, will bring a smile to your face. 


Graphic designer and product designer Cristina Stancu , who lived in Turku for three years, founded Print N Stuff around her brand. In March, Stancu celebrates his company's 1st anniversary.

Print N Stuff
The Print N Stuff collection includes, among other things, embroidery, embroidery and prints. Made-to-order work includes printed clothes and accessories. Photo: Cristina Stancu / Print N Stuff.

The young entrepreneur says that Print N Stuff started out of a love for nature and a thirst for drawing and designing one's own brand.

- The brand started to develop initially more as a hobby. Having tested the functionality of the company for a year now, I can happily say that people are really interested in my design, Stancu is happy.

- Although I have a long experience as a designer, Print N Stuff is the first brand I have published. It's exciting as more and more people see my creations.

Designer-entrepreneur Cristina Stancu has big plans for the future of her company.

- My plans include little by little expansion, cooperation with other local designers, bringing production from Latvia to Finland and increasing the use of environmentally friendly materials even more, Stancu says.

He moved to Turku, Finland, from Constanta, Romania.

- I love Turku. As a seaside town like Constanta, it immediately felt like home. I chose this place because of the good career opportunities, the active startup community and my love, Stancu says.

Stancu says that finding a job wasn't easy, and the uncertainty brought by the pandemic didn't help at all.

- In the beginning, not knowing the Finnish language was of course also an obstacle, but fortunately, design works as a global language in my profession. A persistent job search, career guidance and networking finally paid off and I was able to show my skills to the marketing communication agency LM Someco.

- Nowadays I balance my day job, my business activities and my Finnish language studies. Two different creative worlds don't interfere with each other, so it's a really good way for me to relax by doing what I like the most, adds Stancu with a smile."

A text by Katariina Mäkinen-Önsoy for Tuku Seutusanomat 22/02/2023

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